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Thai Food

Another Thai food restaurant that we recommend is Bua Klang Jai Restaurant, which is located in the heart of Pattaya in a natural setting.

I have to inform everyone that this restaurant has only recently reopened after being closed for a while due to the Covid crisis in early May, but it has finally reopened for service.

Before, I had the opportunity to taste the cuisine and observe the ambience of the restaurant; personally, I enjoy it and will add it to a list of Pattaya restaurants that I consider to become one of my favorites. The ambiance is really natural here. From the parking lot, surrounded by a natural look. I noticed a small coffee shop as I entered the entryway. Then, as I walk right outside the café, I realize that this is truly nature in the midst of the city; I never expected that there would be a restaurant with such a relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Pattaya, and that traveling is extremely convenient. Furthermore, the restaurant is situated on Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya.

In this restaurant, you may pick from a variety of seating zones based on your preference, such as sitting in a shady ambiance, cool and relaxing, having a meal, drinking coffee, and admiring the lovely scenery. You can also opt for a different setting, such as sitting on the floor in a pavilion by a lotus pond. The weather is cool because the thatched roof is natural, and it is quite private.


The restaurant’s meal menu features Thai cuisine, such as noodles, which is the restaurant’s unique menu. The price is a bit too high for those kind of food, but when compared to other well-known restaurants in Pattaya, it may be deemed comparable. Like some people have said that, paying a little more to get a good ambience that is.


Thai Food

This restaurant will absolutely meet everyone’s needs on your next Pattaya trip, no matter which part of the restaurant you find lovely nature ideal for everyone in the family.


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